Just a new day

I’m awakening slowly. It’s been raining for a week but today is sunny and cloudy (exactly how I like it). I dreamt of Richard, the musician. I was totally fond of him years ago, but he allowed only a friendship. We have found us together for several cups of tea, and long afternoons of having chats about the world and big problems. He plays piano … Continue reading Just a new day

Slow motions

I look at the empty screen and think: “what right now?”. I found today an old dream. An elderly shaman gave me small pieces of gold, looked at me sharp and said: “slow down”. After a couple of years, nowadays, I know what the meaning was. The fragments of wisdom (=gold) the shaman gave me were really worth. I’ve learned to slow down and slowing … Continue reading Slow motions

A new order of things

I already had blogs. I wrote many years about various things. I loved little poetries, short novels, some humorous texts. The aim of this new blog is a different one. I’m not a native speaker, but I will try to describe in English language the new experiences I’m doing, through my yoga practice and the dreams I dream at night: I think, both things are … Continue reading A new order of things