Just a new day

I’m awakening slowly. It’s been raining for a week but today is sunny and cloudy (exactly how I like it). I dreamt of Richard, the musician. I was totally fond of him years ago, but he allowed only a friendship. We have found us together for several cups of tea, and long afternoons of having chats about the world and big problems. He plays piano in a wonderful way and is in his own way a genius, but with a very bad character. A couple of years ago we had a dispute (one of the many quarrels between us) and since then he speaks with me very few. In my dreams he’s either friendly again or silent and angry. This night he was silent and angry as often in my really experience and I wasn’t able to say: “I’m sorry”. I’m really sorry about the way things are gone but it takes two to repair a friendship … At least it’s sunny again, outside …

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